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lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011


Aarhus Municipality. Convocatoria de propuestas VP/2011/012 de Progress
Please find enclosed a partner search from Aarhus Municipality, Department of Social Affairs, within this programme : Pilot Project : ALL-INCLUSIVE COOPERATION BETWEEN PUBLIC AUTHORITIES, COMMERCIAL FIRMS AND SOCIAL ENTERPRISES FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION AND INTEGRATION INTO THE LABOUR MARKET.
If this partner search is of interest to you, please reply asap and no later than 28 October. You should reply to: Mr Allan Bendtsen, Department of Social Affairs, The Municipality of Aarhus DK- 8000 Aarhus, Denmark. Telephone +45 4185 6144 ; Email: Please put at Cc. Fecha límite: 15/11/2011.
Notre Dame France. Comenius Proyectos Multilaterales, Redes y Medidas de Acompañamiento
High school Notre Dame in Marvejols (Lozère, France) is looking for European partners to submit a Comenius proposal in February. The proposed project aims at developing a sense of cultural heritage and promoting the specificities of each of regions' heritage, by setting up and carrying out common actions. The application is almost complete as it has already been filed last year : It was considered very interesting but was finally rejected because of a lack of partners. Please find attached a detailed presentation of the project. If you are interested or would like further information, please write to Mrs. Elodie CHABALEIR : Fecha límite: 2 de febrero de 2012.
Biržai district municipality. Europa con los ciudadanos. Redes de ciudades hermanadas
Biržai district municipality (Lithuania) Administration is looking for European partners interested to participate in a 2 year long project under Europe for Citizens programme Action 1- Measure 1.2 – Network of twinned towns. The main idea of the project – a co-operation between older and younger people, exchange of experiences and learning from each other. Biržai would like to get in touch with interested partners before the 25th November so that they may start planning for a potential collaboration.

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